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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many games will be played in each division? The number of games may differ each season, but typically 9 to 12 games will be played in each season (including regular and playoff games).

2. How long are the games? How much play time will my child get in each game? Each game is comprised of 4 ten minute quarters. Each player will play a minimum of 5 minutes in each of the first 3 quarters (minimum of 15 minutes per game). In the 4th quarter, coaches will be able to substitute at their leisure depending on the game situation.

3. When are the games? Games are held on Sundays between 9am-7pm. The schedule for all league games will be released after the teams are drafted. Playoff game times will be released the week of the game, based on the team standings.

4. If we miss a game, may we make it up? Unfortunately, there are no make-ups for missed games as we are limited on game days based on gym availability. If your team cannot make a game, your team will have to forfeit that game.

5. What if my child cannot make it to the draft day? Every child will make a team if they attend the draft. The purpose is to evaluate the players to make a fair distribution of the talent among all of the teams. It is strongly recommended for all participants to be at the draft if they would like to be placed onto a team. Please contact us if there are any issues regarding this.

6. What does the registration fee include? Jersey and shorts, individual/team pictures, 9 to 12 league/playoff games in an indoor gym, trophy/medal for championship game, All-Star awards for top players.

7. Do you have a division for children not yet in 2nd grade? If your child can make baskets in standard height hoops and would like to play with 2nd-3rd graders, you may sign up for the 2nd-3rd grade division.

8. I have more than 1 child interested in your league. May they be placed on the same team? We would like to accommodate our players, but we also need to be fair and evenly distribute the talent to achieve a balanced and competitive team in each division. If your children fall in the same division (ie. 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-7th, or 8th-9th), please indicate on the player's registration form that you would like your children on the same team. If your children belong in different divisions and you would like your children to be on the same team, then players may be able to play up, but not down. For example, 4th and 6th grade siblings may be placed in the 6th-7th grade division, but not in the 4th-5th grade division.

9. My child would like to be placed on the same team as a friend. May we request that on the registration form? Due to the intent of fair distribution of talent among all of the teams, preferences or other desires of the players will not be given any consideration.

10. When and where will practices be held? Our league consists of volunteer coaches and practice days and times will be different based on the availability of each coach and the players on the team. Typically practices are held either on weekday nights or on the weekends on outdoor courts. Some coaches may choose to reserve an indoor gym for team practice for an added team cost for the reservation.

11. What if we cannot make the practice days and times? May my child switch to another team? Trading of players between teams is prohibited. If a player has a conflict with the team's practice schedule that cannot otherwise be resolved, the coach should contact the Management Team and ask for assistance in resolving the conflict.

12. Who are the coaches and what qualifications do they have? Our coaches are volunteers who have a passion for basketball and who enjoy teaching basketball. Each coach will have a different teaching style, but each of their goals is to teach the players the rules of a basketball game and teach the fundamentals and skills of playing basketball.

13. When will we find out which coach my child has and when practice will be? The coaches will be at the draft to evaluate the players and then form a team. Each coach will contact you within 2 weeks to introduce themselves and to inform you of practice day and time.

14. Who keeps the trophy or medal for the championship game? Each player and the coach of the team placing 1st in each division will receive a trophy. Each player and the coach of the team placing 2nd in each division will receive a medal.

15. What is your refund policy? Should a player choose to retire from our league after the draft has taken place, but before the uniform has been ordered, the individual involved will be charged $50. If the uniform has already been ordered, the individual will be charged $100 for league costs (Costs include: Uniform, Insurance, Registration Fee, Gym fees) and uniform will be sent to the family by AYB director. No refund will be given after the 1st game of each season.

16. How do I access my account?

Uniform Sizes

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