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Week 3 Updates

Division 2/3

Bombers explosive start to season continues with win against the Lake Show By: Aric Pun Week 3 Caden Li showcased his overall game against the Lake Show, dropping eight points and dishing out two assists as the Bombers secured a decisive 22-11 win. With this win, the Bombers maintain their perfect record, now standing at an impressive 3-0 for the season. Jimmy Yang, Andrew Huerta, and Max Dang provided valuable support for the Bombers, each contributing four points to the winning effort, while Jovan Hsu chipped in with two points in the final quarter. Despite the loss, Keylon Daniels put up a solid performance for the Lake Show, tallying four points and snagging a team-high seven rebounds. Layton Lee also made his mark, adding four points, three of which came in the final quarter, and grabbing two boards. With a 1-2 record to start the season, the Lake Show aim to regroup and bounce back strong as they prepare to face the Hot Cheetos next Sunday in search of redemption.

Green Monsters claw past Troublemakers for thrilling victory By: Aric Pun Week 3 Nathan He showcased his versatility on the court, flirting with a double-double by tallying eight points and grabbing nine rebounds, spearheading the Green Monsters to a hard-fought 18-16 triumph against the Troublemakers. With this victory, the Green Monsters improve to a promising 2-1 record for the season. Zander Cheng provided valuable support, contributing six points and securing four rebounds, while also dishing out the team's lone assist. Sanav Subramanian added four crucial points and matched He's nine rebounds to anchor the defensive end for the Green Monsters. Meanwhile, the Troublemakers, led by Oliver Ng's spirited performance with eight points and 10 rebounds, fought tooth and nail. Cooper Ranchez added four points and five rebounds to the effort. However, their struggles to capitalize on rebounds proved costly, as they outrebounded the Green Monsters 35-27. With a disappointing 0-3 start to the season, the Troublemakers are left searching for answers as they gear up to face the Lightning next Sunday in pursuit of their first win.

Mason Voong sparks Lightning to victory with 20 Points, Hot Cheetos sizzle out By: Aric Pun By: Aric Pun In a commanding display, sparkplug Mason Voong dropped an impressive 20 points to propel the Lightning to a hard-fought 28-21 victory over the Hot Cheetos, improving their season record to 2-1. Allen Miao showcased his court vision and unselfish play, orchestrating the Lightning's offense with finesse, notching both of the team's assists. Preston Gittleman and Cyrus Karlen rounded out the scoring effort with four points apiece, contributing to the team's balanced attack. On the other end, Alvin Chan led the charge for the Hot Cheetos with a gritty 13-point performance and recording two boards and an assist. Matthew Guan added four points and a rebound, while Nathan Kwong scored two points and grabbed three boards. Bradley Liu also chipped in with a pair of points. Despite their relentless effort, the Hot Cheetos find themselves still chasing their first win of the season, dropping to 0-3. Their quest for redemption continues as they face the Lake Show next Sunday in hopes of turning the tide.

Mendez channels his inner Mamba to win against Blue Raptors By: Aric Pun Week 3 In a stellar performance, Maximus Mendez powered the Mini Mambas to a resounding 28-15 triumph over the previously undefeated Blue Raptors. Mendez showcased his scoring prowess with a game-high 16 points, while also contributing four rebounds and an assist, cementing his status as a key player for the Mini Mambas. Wyatt Yau dominated the boards for the Mambas, hauling in an impressive 12 rebounds, while Daniel Wong provided solid support with eight points and six boards. On the Blue Raptors side, Ryan Tang led the scoring effort with six points and three rebounds, while Neal O'Bryant made his presence felt on the glass with a team-high 10 rebounds. With both teams now boasting a 2-1 record as they head into week four, the Mini Mambas' victory serves as a statement win, while the Blue Raptors aim to bounce back from their first loss of the season against the Bombers this upcoming Sunday.

Division 4/5

Hoop Force cut the cord, defeat Lights Out behind Ethan Zhou’s near double-double By: Aric Pun Week 3 In a commanding display on the court, Ethan Zhou emerged as the driving force for Hoop Force, nearly clinching a double-double with eight points and a team-high 11 rebounds. A stellar performance from Zhou propelled Hoop Force to a hard-fought 41-32 victory over Lights Out, despite Noah Easton's impressive 20-piece. Liam Voong scored 10 points and grabbed an impressive five boards. Jordan Mak also scored 10 points to go along with three rebounds. Mason Ye contributed four points while David Zhou recorded three points and two rebounds. With the win, Hoop Force strengthens their season record to 2-1. Despite Lights Out's commendable performance from Easton, the team struggled to capitalize on his efforts. Adam Leung contributed four points as the next highest scorer, while Maddie Kwong, Emily Tang, and Jacob Tongson each chipped in with two points. Lights Out's record now dips below .500 at 1-2 as they set their sights on leveling their record in their upcoming matchup against the Yetis next Sunday.

Lions roar past Heat with dominant victory; Grant Fohrer leads with 16 Points By: Aric Pun Week 3 In a commanding display, the Lions surged past the Heat with a resounding 50-31 victory, propelled by Grant Fohrer's team-high 16 points and four rebounds. The win pushes the Lions to a 2-1 record for the season. Following Fohrer's lead, William Wei contributed 15 points and grabbed five boards, while Dylan Li added nine points and two rebounds, along with the team's lone assist. Connor Listiawan chipped in eight points to bolster the Lions' scoring efforts. The Heat's offensive charge was spearheaded by Aiden Li, who tallied 19 points, with Justin Lam adding eight points to the scoreboard. Aaron Mastandrea contributed two points and secured three rebounds. Looking ahead, the Lions aim to maintain their momentum as they face the undefeated Wildcats next Sunday, while the Heat gear up to take on the 2-1 Hoop Force.

Nolan Bone scores team-high 14, Aces the Raptors despite Kenrich Vuong’s 33-point outburst By: Aric Pun Week 3 Nolan Bone's stellar performance paved the way for the Aces' narrow victory against the Raptors, clinching a hard-fought 39-38 win despite Kenrich Vuong's remarkable 33-point display. Bone, tallying 14 points along with two assists and a rebound, spearheaded the Aces' offensive charge. Noah He emerged as a key contributor, notching seven points and an impressive seven rebounds, while Julianne Lee, Andy Zheng, and Austin Guo added four points each to bolster the Aces' offense. Guo and He also shared team-high rebounding honors with seven apiece. The Raptors, fueled by Vuong's heroic effort, fought valiantly as he contributed seven rebounds and an assist. Remy Takaesu started the game strong with a three-pointer in the opening quarter. Riley Romero contributed to the Aces' efforts with a team-high nine rebounds, while Isis Pan chipped in with two points and two rebounds. With this hard-fought victory, the Aces improve to a commendable 2-1 record for the season, setting their sights on a showdown against the Orcas next Sunday. Meanwhile, the Raptors (0-3) remain determined in their quest for their maiden win as they prepare to take on the Mamba Max in their next matchup.

Wildcats get their head in the game to beat Orcas, improve to 3-0 record By: Aric Pun Week 3 Jeremy Wang paced the Wildcats with an impressive performance, coming close to securing a double-double with 11 points and snatching nine rebounds in their 26-17 win over the Orcas, who now stand at a perfect 3-0 record in the early stages of the season. Zachary Yip contributed six points, while Evan Chang added four points and three rebounds to bolster the Wildcats' offense. Despite their best efforts, the Orcas endured their third defeat of the season, with Graison Wu leading the charge with 12 points and four rebounds. Emmot Yau added three points and three rebounds, while William Siu contributed two points and four boards. Looking ahead, the Wildcats aim to extend their winning streak as they prepare to face the Lions next Sunday. Meanwhile, the Orcas seek their inaugural victory against the 2-1 Aces.

Yetis prevail as Rana shines with double-double against Mamba Max By: Aric Pun Week 3 Pranish Rana dominated the competition and recorded an impressive double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds, propelling the Yetis to a commanding 37-27 victory over the previously undefeated Mamba Max. With this, the Yetis improve to a 2-1 record for the season. Rana's stellar performance was complemented by Jacob Li's 13-point contribution, along with an assist and two rebounds. Isaac Su added six points and five rebounds, while Caitlyn Hsu added two crucial rebounds in the second quarter to bolster the Yetis' efforts on the boards. Despite the loss, Connor Li of the Mamba Max was a one-man wrecking crew today, accounting for 21 of the team's 27 points. Li also contributed with two rebounds and an assist, while Ari Chou added four points, an assist, and a rebound. With redemption on their minds, the Mamba Max eagerly anticipate their upcoming matchup against the Raptors this Sunday, aiming to bounce back from their first defeat of the season.

Division 6/7

Black Widow defeat Eagles behind Logan Blythe’s 24-rebound performance By: Aric Pun Week 3 It seemed as though no one could contain Logan Blythe in the paint, securing 24 rebounds to go along with three points and three assists, leading Black Widow to a victory over the Eagles 47-29. Derick Cheng and Matthew Phan both chipped in 14 points, bolstering Black Widow’s offense. Nikki Tran recorded a team-high five assists to go along with six points and eight rebounds, flirting with a near triple-double. Parker Wong added eight points and 10 boards, doing a majority of his work in the third. Kai Taylor went off in the first half for the Eagles, ending up with a 14-point, 15-rebound performance. Quentin Kurniawan tied Black Widow’s Tran for a game-high in assists with five. Darren Hoesan added five points to go along with four boards. The Eagles fall to 1-2 on the early season but look to pick it back up against the undefeated Bruins (3-0) next Sunday. Black Widow looks to carry their momentum forward next Sunday against Cream City (0-3).

Daniel Bai's domination guides Bruins past Thunder Dragons By: Aric Pun Week 3 Daniel Bai delivered a masterclass performance, notching 14 points and a staggering 17 rebounds, propelling the Bruins to a commanding 41-29 triumph over the Thunder Dragons. From the opening tip-off, Bai set the tone with nine points and seven rebounds in an electrifying first quarter before briefly hitting the bench to start the second. Carson Levoe Daniels added nine crucial points to the Bruins' offensive onslaught, complemented by three rebounds and an assist, while Ethan Tom orchestrated the offense superbly, dishing out a game-high four assists, three of which came in the pivotal final quarter. Despite a valiant effort from the Thunder Dragons, led by Blake Newman's 13-point, nine-rebound performance and Charles Xu's gritty 12 boards and six points, they couldn't contain the relentless assault of the Bruins. Connor Ng also made his presence felt, contributing six points and five rebounds in the hard-fought contest. Looking ahead, the Thunder Dragons (1-2) aim to bounce back against Give No Quarter (1-2) next Sunday, while the Bruins gear up for a showdown with the Eagles (1-2) in what promises to be another thrilling matchup on the hardwood.

Give No Quarter pick up first win of season, Cream City fall to 0-3 By: Aric Pun Week 3 Xavier Miller scored seven of his 13 points in the final quarter to lead Give No Quarter to their first victory of the season, beating Cream City 34-31. Mason Lee scored eight points and grabbed four rebounds for Give No Quarter while Andy Chan recorded seven points. Darren Vuong rounded it off with six points, scoring four of them in the second quarter. Devan Ngan and Aidan Wu led the offensive charge for Cream City with 13 and 12 points, respectively, but the team was unable to overcome Give No Quarter’s offensive surge in the final quarter. Give No Quarter (1-2) take on the Thunder Dragons (1-2) next Sunday while Cream City continue their pursuit of their first win against the red-hot Black Widow squad.

Division 8/9/10

Charlie Liu’s Black Mambas devour Tigers despite Aiden Pun’s all-around effort By: Aric Pun Week 3 In Week 3’s action, the Black Mambas extended their winning streak at the onset of the season by fending off Aiden Pun and the Tigers, securing a convincing 49-36 victory. Liu’s remarkable double-double performance – notching 10 points and 10 rebounds, anchored the Mambas' success and highlighted their team effort across the board. Tyler Tran stepped up for the Black Mambas with eight points, two rebounds, and an assist, while Jeremiah Navarrete contributed six crucial points throughout the game. Timothy Wu ignited in the third quarter, netting a three-pointer along with five rebounds and an assist. The Tigers kept it close in the first half but a third quarter scoring drought saw the lead balloon to double digits, with the Mambas never looking back. Pun showcased his versatility for the Tigers, notching 10 points, including two three-pointers, while also securing five rebounds and distributing a game-high five assists. Jayden Hsu added seven points and grabbed seven rebounds, while Jimmy Wu contributed six points with two made threes. Marcello Trieu struggled on the offensive end tonight but made up for it with five boards and three assists. Up next, the Black Mambas will seek to extend their undefeated streak as they face the winless Wolves (0-3) next Sunday, aiming for a 4-0 record, while the Tigers brace for a challenging matchup against the surging West Coast Ballers (2-1).

West Coast Ballers secure win behind Stephen Kwan's 11-point effort By: Aric Pun Week 3 Stephen Kwan spearheaded the offensive onslaught for the West Coast Ballers, delivering an 11-point performance accompanied by two rebounds and the team's lone assist, propelling his squad to a convincing 38-28 victory over the Wolves. Contributing to the Ballers' balanced attack, Ryan Chen added nine points and grabbed four rebounds, while Jeronimo Moras and Timothy Kwan each notched six points, with Moras making his presence felt on the boards with five rebounds. Despite a commendable 11-point effort from Tyler Yeung, the Wolves faltered in their bid to overcome the offensive prowess of the West Coast Ballers. Arnel Brock and Iccauhtli Kinley provided support with six and five points, respectively, but it wasn't enough to secure the win. With this triumph, the West Coast Ballers (2-1) continue their ascent in the standings as they prepare to face off against the Tigers (1-2) in their next matchup. Meanwhile, the Wolves (0-3) remain in search of their first victory of the season as they gear up to take on the formidable Black Mambas (3-0) next Sunday.

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