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Week 6 Updates

Division 2/3

Blue Raptors defeat Lightning behind Ryan Tang’s 20-point, 10-rebound double-double Week 6 Ryan Tang scored a game-high 20 points to go along with 10 boards for the Blue Raptors as they cruised their way to a 41-24 win over the Lightning. Tang also recorded two assists. Damon Qiu chipped in with seven points to go along with nine rebounds for the Blue Raptors. Vincent Hsueh and Mason Lee added four points apiece. The Lightning were led by Preston Gittleman’s 14 points and three boards. Elliot Vogel added nine rebounds and two points. Austin Chung grabbed eight boards and scored two points in the final quarter. Looking to next week, the Blue Raptors take on the Lake Show while the Lightning play against the Green Monsters.

Bombers all-around team effort stops Green Monsters 36-14 Week 6 The Bomber's perfect season continues with a 36-14 victory over the Green Monsters. Kingston Dunlop scored four points and dished out a game-high three assists. Connor Kung scored a team-high six points to go along with an assist. Caden Li, Jimmy Yang, Dylan Tran, and Alyssa Ureta all finished the game with four points apiece for the Bombers. Ureta also dished out an assist. The Green Monsters struggled to get it going offensively. Nathan He scored 10 of the team’s 14 points to go along with an assist and one board. Zander Cheng and Sanav Subramanian finished the game with two points apiece. Looking to Week 7, the Bombers take on the Troublemakers while the Green Monsters face off against the Lightning.

Mini Mambas sneak by Lake Show with 25-24 victory Week 6 Maximus Mendez scored 12 points and grabbed two boards as he led the way for the Mini Mambas to a close win over the Lake Show 25-24. Aaron Wong chipped in with nine points for the Mini Mambas while Wyatt Yau scored four. Harvey Hong recorded the team’s lone assist of the game. The Lake Show saw an inspiring performance from Jasper Lai, finishing the game with 12 points and a game-high three assists. Ethan Yu added six points. Looking to week seven, the Mini Mambas take on the Hot Cheetos while the Lake Show gears up to face the Blue Raptors.

Troublemakers pick up first win of season with win over Hot Cheetos Week 6 Oliver Ng scored 16 points to go along with six rebounds, leading the Troublemakers to their first win of the season against the Hot Cheetos 37-33. Cooper Ranchez added 11 points and four boards for the Troublemakers. Evan Fu chipped in with six points and two rebounds. The Hot Cheetos were led by a scorching Alvin Chan, scoring 27 points and grabbing two boards. Nathan Kwong added four points and two rebounds while Jonathan Lin scored two points and grabbed seven rebounds. The Troublemakers look to continue their momentum next week against the Bombers while the Hot Cheetos go up against the Mini Mambas.

Division 4/5

Brian Li scores first points in two seasons, helps Mamba Max to win over Lights Out 53-20 Week 6 Brian Li checked in midway through the third quarter and scored his first points in two seasons, following it up with a three-pointer in the fourth, helping his team secure a victory against Lights Out 53-20. Connor Hsia recorded 16 points, five assists, and three rebounds for Mamba Max while Mason Kuan chipped in with 10 points, three assists, and three rebounds. Damian Hall added eight points. Lights Outs’ Adam Leung scored 10 points – six of them coming in the final quarter. Kyle Vuong added six points and two boards. Looking to Week 7, the Mamba Max take on the Heat while Lights Out face off against the Aces.

Heat scrape by Raptors 62-58 in OT, Li scores 49 Week 6 Aiden Li scored a game-high 49 points for the Heat to go along with two assists and seven rebounds, helping the Heat defeat the Raptors in overtime 62-58. Aaron Mastandrea chipped in with five points and nine rebounds for the Heat while Olivia Sieng added four points, an assist, and three boards. The Raptors’ Kenrich Vuong scored 41 points and grabbed 11 boards, doing the majority of his work in the first and fourth quarters. Isis Pan added six points and seven boards while Riley Romero chipped in five points and 10 rebounds. Looking to Week 7, the Heat take on the Mamba Max while the Raptors face off against the Wildcats.

Hoop Force obliterates Orcas 52-11 behind all-around team effort Week 6 Ethan Zhou grabbed a monstrous 18 rebounds to go along with seven points and four assists, spearheading Hoop Force to a 52-11 beatdown over the Orcas. Carter Tillman recorded 12 points, three assists, and three rebounds for Hoop Force. Anvie Ganji and Jordan Mak scored 10 and 11, respectively. Mason Ye chipped in with eight points to go along with two assists and two rebounds. The Orcas struggled offensively against Hoop Force, with only two players getting into the scoring column. Emmit Yau finished the game with nine points and seven rebounds. Ella Liu added two points and three boards. Looking to Week 7, Hoop Force take on the Lions while the Orcas look to bounce back against the Yetis.

Lion squeak by Aces in OT with 28-27 win, Fohrer scores 17 Week 6 Grant Fohrer scored 17 points to go along with two assists and two rebounds, leading the Lions to a close victory over the Aces 28-27. Fohrer scored 11 of his 17 points in the final quarter. William Wei added four points and five rebounds for the Lions while Cory Zhang chipped in with three points and three boards. The Aces were led by Nolan Bone’s nine points. Jason Quan scored six points to go along with two assists and three rebounds. Looking to Week 7, the Lions take on Hoop Force while the Aces face off against Lights Out.

Rana’s double-double helps Yetis secure win over Wildcats Week 6 Pranish Rana scored 28 points and grabbed 17 rebounds to help the Yetis defeat the Wildcats 43-18. Rana scored 12 of his 28 points in the final quarter. Luke Chang dished out a game-high seven assists to go along with 5 boards for the Yetis. Isaac Su recorded three assists and 10 boards. Jacob Li dished out five dimes and grabbed nine rebounds. The Wildcats were led by Noah Seo’s 10-point performance. Liam Fong chipped in with two points and seven rebounds while Evan Choe, London Wong, and Zachary Yip finished the game with two points apiece. Looking to Week 7, the Yetis take on the Orcas while the Wildcats face off against the Raptors.

Division 6/7

Bruins’ perfect season continues with win over Give No Quarter 44-23 Week 6 Daniel Bai scored 15 points and dished out four dimes to go along with 12 rebounds to help the Bruins defeat Give No Quarter 44-23. Ethan Tom added 14 points for the Bruins. Tom also recorded three assists and grabbed six rebounds. Victory Moy chipped in with seven points while Carson Levoe Daniels added nine rebounds and two assists. Give No Quarter was led by Mason Lee’s 11 points and 10 boards. Xavier Miller added six points and three assists. Looking to Week 7, the Bruins face off against Cream City while Give No Quarter takes on Black Widow.

Cream City picks up first win of season over Eagles 32-26 Week 6 Deven Ngan scored 13 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to catapult Cream City to a victory over the Eagles 32-26. Logan Lu added 10 points for Cream City to go along with eight rebounds. Talon Tang chipped in with 12 rebounds. The Eagles had an all-around team effort but it wasn’t enough to get them over the hump. Kai Taylor finished the game with seven points and 12 rebounds. Quentin Kurniawan added six points to go along with seven boards. Looking to Week 7, Cream City looks to take the momentum with them against the Bruins while the Eagles take on the Thunder Dragons.

Nikki Tran’s triple-double catapults Black Widow to win over Thunder Dragons 65-28 Week 6 Nikki Tran recorded AYB’s first triple-double of the season with 16 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds, guiding Black Widow to a 65-28 thrashing of the Thunder Dragons. Matthew Phan added to the Black Widow’s offensive firepower with 20 points and five assists. Logan Blythe had a near double-double with eight points and 11 boards. Blythe also had three assists. Derrick Cheng chipped in with 12 points, three assists, and five rebounds. Chalmers Xu of the Thunder Dragons had 11 points, two assists, and 12 rebounds. Connor Ng chipped in with four points and six rebounds. Blake Newman also had four points to go along with three boards. Looking to Week 7, Black Widow takes on Give No Quarter while the Thunder Dragons face off against the Eagles.

Division 8/9/10

Black Mambas stay perfect on season with 43-32 win over Tigers Week 6 Timothy Lu scored a team-high 10 points to go along with four rebounds to help the Black Mambas defeat the Tigers 43-32. Maxwell Weng added five points and 10 boards while Jacob Villavicencio scored nine points and dished out three dimes. Charlie Liu added eight points to go along with five assists and four rebounds. The Tigers were led by Marcello Trieu’s 11 points and six rebounds. Jayden Hsu added 10 points and five rebounds. Aiden Pun chipped in with three points, seven rebounds, and two assists. Looking to Week 7, the Black Mambas take on the Wolves while the Tigers face off against the West Coast Ballers.

West Coast Ballers edge Wolves 41-37 behind Moras’ double-double Week 6 Jeronimo Moras scored 13 points to go along with 12 rebounds to help the West Coast Ballers defeat the Wolves 41-37. Nolan Soriano added eight points, three assists, and five rebounds for the West Coast Ballers. Ryan Chen also scored eight points including six rebounds. Vincent Guan added 10 points with three boards. The Wolves were led by Dylan Vasquez’s 18 points and 11 rebounds. Iccauhtli Kinley added 12 points to go along with nine rebounds – a near double-double. Brett Chang and Sunny Villaneda scored four and three, respectively. Looking to Week 7, the West Coast Ballers take on the Tigers while the Wolves face off against the Black Mambas.

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