"It is never too late to live your dream"

At no time will I (or any of the AYB staff/volunteers) tolerate abusive, aggressive or offense behaviors from our league parents. We all understand how passionate and invested you are in your children's well being and growth within the program. We are too. But that does not mean that anyone has the right to be disrespectful or rude at anytime.

If you are unable to adhere to this request, we will first require that the offending parent be absent from all activities involving AYB (including practices, games, ceremonies and so forth). If the problem persists, we unfortunately will have to terminate your child's participation within AYB (both current and future years). While this may seem extreme, we must remind everyone that this is a youth program that centers around respect and promotes attitudes of positivity, encouragement and support. If our parents, volunteers and staff cannot embrace these important life strategies, then how can we expect our children to?

At the close of every season, AYB will host a season ending All-Star game to show off some of our AYB talent. 

  • At the end of the season the director will ask each coach to nominate 3 players from there team that they believe will represent the hard work there team has showed throughout the season. This is not a popularity contest...and I hope the coaches will nominate only those who deserve to be in the game.
  • These 3 individuals will be place on a 10 team roster that the director will put together. Each player will receive an AYB All-star shirt with there number on it.

Please understand that not every child will be placed in the All-star game. We ask that if your child does not make the game, that you continue to support and encourage them to work hard everyday on their individual basketball skills with the hope that they will make it the next season,

parent Conduct

All-Star Game

Coaches will be required to substitute at the 5 minute mark of every quarter. Each player must play 5 minutes in each quarter for the first 3 quarters. A player may be subbed out if they are injured only (during the 5 minute required playing time). AYB staff will stop the clock to make sure everyone has entered the game for the first 3 quarters. The 4th quarter will be coaches option. Coaches will be able to substitute at the leisure depending on the game situation. 


Regularly Scheduled Practices
Each team is permitted to practice once a week at a regularly scheduled time and place assigned by the Coach. (i.e., private school gyms, Elementary/Middle School Outdoor Courts, Parks etc...).

Make-up Practices
If a practice time is cancelled due to weather, holiday or other use of the assigned gym space (i.e., band practice), Coaches should contact their teams parents and ask for assignment of an alternative practice time.

A team may practice twice in one week if the should choose too.  Coaches should anticipate possible practice cancellations (i.e., if practice day is a holiday) and arrange for make-ups as soon as possible. 

Access to High School Gymnasiums-

Should a coach or team want access to AUSD gymnasium access, they must contact league director to make arrangements for gym usage. A charge of $80/hr will be charged to that team by the AUSD school district.



​Tryouts take place at Arcadia High School in the Large Gymnasium. Tryouts usually are about an hour long depending on amount of participants. 

Mandatory Evaluations
Each Division will have a required evaluation session. All players who want to be assigned to a team must attend one of the evaluation sessions for their League (check AYB mailings or the website, for date, time and location of tryout sessions) or make arrangements with the League Director to be rated prior to the league draft.

Player Ratings at Tryouts
The League Director will organize evaluation sessions for each League. The purpose of the evaluations is to rate each player relative to other players in their League and to provide useful information to Coaches to assist them in drafting a team. Evaluations should include measurement of basic physical attributes (weight, height) as well as test specific basketball skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting (free throws and lay-ups). In addition to skill tests, tryouts should include a scrimmage (three-on-three up to five-on-five) involving other players in the grade group in which the same basic basketball skills are evaluated as well as an evaluation of the player’s defensive and offensive skills within a team setting.

Assignment of Players Prior to the Draft
The child or sibling of the Head Coach (adult or student Coach) will be assigned to that team in the round of the draft determined by the evaluation rating score or as assigned by the League Commissioner but not lower than the player’s rating would imply. Children or siblings of assistant coaches are no longer automatically assigned to a specific team. The League Commissioner may, in his or her sole discretion, agree to assign a player other than the child or sibling of the Head Coach to a designated team. In no instance, however, will more than two players be assigned to a team prior to the draft.

Player Draft
League Directors have the discretion to choose one of the following two methods for conducting the draft (unless they have prior approval from the Chief Commissioner). The sole goal of the draft is a fair distribution of the talent among all the teams. The first round drafting order should be a random draw determined by lot, or may be set in advance by the League Director taking into account players already assigned to teams with the goal of maintaining a fair distribution of the remaining players. The recommend way to conduct a draft is:

Draft Method 
The drafting order for the second round will be reversed from that of the first round (e.g., the team that picked last in the first round picks first in the second round) and is then reversed again for each succeeding round until all players are selected.

Equity and Parity 
In any method utilized, the League Director should make allowances for potential inequities, including those involving assigned players. The intent is a fair and even distribution of talent to achieve balanced and competitive Divisions in each League.

Player Preferences
When drafting players, Coaches will give consideration to player conflicts involving practice day or time. Players must be available to practice with the team if they are going to play with the team. These conflicts should be indicated on the player’s registration form and, to the extent known, should be included in the draft information. Preferences for car-pooling and other desires of the players will not be given any consideration. Brothers/sisters are not guaranteed to play on the same team, unless their parent or sibling is coaching the team, and they are assigned to it. League Director, if they choose, may accommodate siblings if they believe it will not adversely impact the fair distribution of players in the draft.  

Trading of Players
Trading of players between teams is prohibited. If a player has a conflict with the team’s practice schedule that cannot otherwise be resolved, the Coach should contact the League Commissioner and ask for assistance in resolving the conflict.

Late Registration
The League Director will equitably assign late registrants to a team roster, provided:
1. registration forms have been completed and payment is made,
2. team rosters are not full (if full, late registrants will be placed on a “waiting” list),
3. the player is rated by the League Director or Assistant Director, and
4. the assignment of the player will not alter the fair distribution of players in the League or Division.


This league exists for the benefits of the players. Please be respectful of the officials at all times. We do understand that the officials will make mistakes, but please be mindful that they are doing there best.

  • Only (1) one coach will be allowed to stand during game time. 
  • First violation: Warning
  • Second violation: Technical Foul
  • Third Violation: Ejection from that game and the offending coach is required to leave the gym. The assistant coach will take over the team and complete the game. If an assistant coach is not available, the ejected coach will appoint a parent to take his or her place. The ejected coach will in no way hinder or delay further play before exiting the gym. The ejected coach is required to meet with a League Director after the Third ejection.
  • All adults and parents must sit on the opposite side of the court. No parents or spectators will be permitted to stand or sit behind the team benches.

Coaching Conduct

We ask that all coaches use this opportunity to coach there team the fundamentals of basketball.
--Each player must play 5 minutes in each quarter for the first 3 quarters. A player may be subbed out if they are injured only (during the 5 minute required playing time).


A player fouls out after receiving five fouls. If as a result of a player fouling out in a game, a team is reduced to four eligible players or less then:

  • The last player to foul out shall remain in the game
  • Any subsequent foul on the player who fouled out will result in a Technical Foul
  • The personal foul shots, if any, will be shot first. The technical foul shots are then awarded. After the technical foul shots, the ball is given to the offensive team.​


Defense begins at the half court line. A Full Court Press is permitted at the following times:
3rd-4th Grade Division- Pressing is allowed the entire game, unless team is ahead by 10 or more points.
5th-6th Grade Division- Pressing is allowed the entire game, unless team is ahead by 15 or more points.
7th-8th Grade Division- Pressing is allowed the entire game, unless team is ahead by 15 or more points.

Full-Court Press

There are no restrictions to man or zone defense during the game. See "Full- Court Press" for rules regarding pressing.


Games tied at the end of regulation will be completed using a 2 minute stopped time overtime period. One time out allowed per team. No timeouts will carry over!

Should it go into 3 OT the first team to score wins!


Each team is allowed TWO (2) time outs per half, and may be used at anytime during the game. Injuries occurring in the last three minutes of each half will be charged as an official time out.


Games will consist of four quarters of ten minutes each, running time. The last two minutes of the second half will be stopped time. There will be a two minute break after the first and third quarters, and a Four minute break at the half. If a team is up by 10 points or more at anytime during play, the clock will remain to run unless timeout is called or score is under 10. Running clock allows league to stay on schedule.

Length of Game

Games will start exactly at the scheduled time. A team is allowed to play a game with as few as four players. The Coach of the team with less than five players may forfeit the game if he chooses. In the case of a forfeit, the court may be used for practice by the two scheduled teams. The forfeited game will not be rescheduled.

Game Time

Current official rules and regulations are defined by the National Federation of State High School Associations Basketball Rules Book except where amended and superseded by these standing rules or by the bylaws of the Arcadia Youth Basketball Association. Go to www.nfhs.org for National Federation of State High School Associations information


AYB Rules & Regulations